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Wherever in the world life takes you​

We live in fascinating times!

More and more people are deciding to pull up stakes and become digital nomads. They live and work wherever they want, wherever they are.

We accompany you on this exciting path. Whether in the planning phase or on the road – here you will get helpful tips and informations about living and working abroad.

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popular Destinations

Best places to live and work for digital nomads

You’re interested in living and working remotely around the world? Each destination offer a unique set of attractions and benefits for nomads. Let’s take a closer look.

Here are 4 of the most popular digital nomad cities in the world:





Working Abroad

Good planning requires information.
Find out everything you need to know about working abroad.

Working on the road requires good organization. We show you how not to get lost in chaos.
How to get a visa for your next destination.
Where you have to pay your taxes.
Where to find the best co-working spaces for your needs?
How to stay productive on the road.
Working remotely as a digital nomad.
What equipment do you need as a digital nomad? What can you do without?
We tell you how to open a bank account or how to insure yourself.

Living abroad​

Ever dreamed of living abroad? Live independently of location and travel the world as a digital nomad. A wish of many and absolutely feasible with today's possibilities.

The duration of your stay impacts your type of stay. We help you to choose the best accommodation abroad.

Healthy Life

The life of digital nomads is different from that of emigrants. Above all, it is important to stay healthy and fit while traveling.

About us

The world is calling!

The mission of Living Abroad Community e.V. is to support digital nomads all over the world.

Remote workers are constantly faced with new challenges in their everyday lives. They often have to go through the hassle of gathering information, which costs a lot of time.

We want to make it easier for digital nomads to access information and offer advice.

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Digital Nomads - Top-Topics

Healthy Living

Health is an important issue for digital nomads. We give tips on healthy living, fitness and more.

Coworking Spaces

Criteria that are important for finding a coworking space.  Here you’ll find the best ways to work.


Where can I live? The second most common question that digital nomads regularly ask themselves.