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LAC - Living Abroad Community e. V. ​

A temporary home entirely according to your ideas.

The LAC is an association that looks after the interests of people living abroad temporarily as well as during short-term and long-term stays for personal or professional reasons and provides them with information and services.

Digital nomads have a hard time getting access to reliable, up-to-date information about living and working around the world. Above all, research is time-consuming, as there are hardly any central contact points.

The Living Abroad Community was created to support the growing community of global citizens with helpful information from all aspects of nomadic life. By gathering information, we aim to increase the well-being and productivity of digital nomads around the world.

The purpose of the association is to be achieved in particular through:

Providing advice and support to the above mentioned group of people in all economic, legal and social matters of their personal and family life that result from their stay abroad.

Negotiating with authorities, associations, public insurance institutions and all other public and private bodies and institutions about the specific problems, needs and wishes of the above mentioned group of people that result from their stay abroad in order to improve their situation.

Concluding agreements on special conditions for the above mentioned group of people regarding the purchase of goods and services.

For this purpose we provide high quality articles, tools and advice on our website. This includes information about

  • Places global nomads travel
  • Immigration
  • taxes
  • practical aspects

In addition, we provide tips and recommendations to make life as a global nomad as easy as possible. Another goal is to contribute to a better understanding of other cultures. A direct participation in community life is thereby encouraged. At the same time, giving back to
the local communities by making the temporary residents better prepared for their new place of living.

Our team has a wealth of international experience. Users benefit from this experience because we know and understand the needs and desires of our target group.

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