Canggu, bali

Relaxed lifestyle by the sea.

Fast Internet, beautiful accommodations and many digital nomads.

Canggu for Nomads

The hidden village on the beach in Bali.
Green rice fields, cafes, yoga studios and lots of creative people.

entry requirements

As long as you make sure that you do not violate the above rules, there are the following visa options that will allow you to live the life of a nomad or remote worker.

If you plan to stay in Indonesia for less than 60 days, then you can use the Visa on Arrival (VoA). Basically this visa is valid for 30 days, but can be extended once for another 30 days.

Another possibility is the visit visa B211A. Like the Visa on Arrival, it is intended for tourist purposes, visits to authorities or business meetings. It is valid for 60 days. If necessary, it can be extended twice for 60 days each time. So in total you can stay 180 days in Indonesia without leaving the country. After that you have the possibility to apply for a B211A Business Visa Onshore. However, you can apply only while you are still in the country. An extension is also possible twice here.

A third option was introduced especially for digital nomads. The so-called Second Home Visa is available since the end of 2022. To get it you have to prove assets of 140,000 USD.

Leisure and Lifestyle in Canggu

Canggu is a popular coastal resort in Bali, Indonesia.

People in Canggu are very friendly and relaxed contemporaries. Moreover, very welcoming and open to new acquaintances. The positive mindset of the locals can be felt at every corner.

Canggu is known for its relaxed surfing atmosphere and rich leisure and lifestyle offerings. There are many cafes, restaurants and bars serving local and international cuisine. The yoga scene is booming – wellness in general is high on the agenda. Digital nomads from around the world find coworking spaces and a vibrant community here. Perfect for networking.

Shopping options range from local markets to high-end boutiques, and wellness facilities include spas, gyms, and beauty salons.

Overall, Canggu offers a relaxed and active lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for adventure and relaxation.

Everyday life in Canggu

Food and Groceries

The choice of food in Canggu is huge. It ranges from local Indonesian cuisine to international dishes from Mexico, Italy or Japan. The quality of the food is generally very high, whether in a café, restaurant or street food stall. If you want health-conscious food or are vegan/vegetarian, you won’t be disappointed anywhere here. The healthy lifestyle is the focus everywhere. Fresh, organic and local is the motto.

If you love to cook for yourself, you will find several supermarkets on site. Smaller markets also offer fresh produce. Among the most popular choices are Bali Buda, a café and health food store, and Canggu Plaza, a modern supermarket. For specialty items, there are also several health food stores and international stores that cater to a variety of dietary needs. Overall, the food offerings in Canggu are plentiful, diverse and of good quality, making it easy for residents and visitors to find what they need.


There are several options for laundry. Many hotels and villas in Canggu have laundry services. If you are just passing through, this is the fastest option to do your laundry.

There are also several laundromats in the area. Here you can wash and dry your clothes cheaply, but you have to bring time. If you live in private accommodation or in an apartment, you might be lucky and have your own washing machine.


There are several pharmacies in Canggu. Here you can get over-the-counter and prescription medicines. However, it is advisable to carry a basic first aid kit and all necessary prescription medications.

Must Sees in Canggu


Popular Beaches

The most popular beaches are Batu Belig Beach, Kayu Putih Beach and Batu Bolong Beach. A paradise for surfers.


Tanah Lot

You should definitely visit this temple complex. The famous religious site is located on a rock formation and is also popular with locals.


Street Art

Street art can be found everywhere in the city. You can even admire works of famous artists here.


Canggu is surrounded by rice terraces. If you don’t feel like going to the beach and surfing, you should definitely go for a hike along the terraces.

How do I get from A to B in Canggu?

Whether for an excursion or the way to the supermarket - on Bali you almost never get around motorized locomotion.

Canggu is a big city, but you can reach beaches and restaurants quickly and comfortably on foot. In the long run, however, this becomes quite exhausting. Especially in the midday sun a walk is a challenge. Also, you have to know that in Canggu – like everywhere in Bali – there are not really many sidewalks. So you will often be on foot on the street. It is not uncommon to meet dogs running free.

Therefore, we recommend that you rent a scooter for your time in Canggu. It is the most popular means of transportation in Bali and most accommodations offer a rental service. You can usually negotiate the price better if you rent the scooter for a longer period of time.

What you should know: The locals drive adventurously and the roads are bad. There are many accidents and you should always wear a helmet and long pants.

Fitness and Health

Health Care

On Bali, health care is unproblematic even outside the big cities. However, especially in rural areas, there is often a lack of English-speaking doctors and the technical equipment and hygiene cannot always keep up with Western standards.

Therefore, in case of illness, it is worthwhile to travel a little further to a hospital with an international department, rather than to a local doctor’s office.

There are enough pharmacies on Bali. Standard medicines such as simple painkillers are readily available. Prescription drugs you should take with you in sufficient quantity. Note that there may be import restrictions.

The risk of malaria is low, but you should still protect yourself from mosquito bites. Long clothing and mosquito repellent are useful as prophylaxis against dengue fever and chikungunya fever. You should also be careful with street dogs and stray cats. They can transmit rabies in case of a bite.

The drinking water is not of good quality, so we do not recommend drinking it. Otherwise you can expect diarrhea. Therefore, as a precaution, do not drink ice cubes. In general, cold food may not be hygienic. If possible, you should always cook, peel or otherwise disinfect food before eating it. Fresh salads and bowls are no problem in upscale cafes and restaurants.

Yoga in Canggu

canggu,bali,nomads Canggu (Bali)

In Canggu you can practice yoga practically everywhere. It’s as much a part of everyday life as anything else. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced yogi. There is a suitable place or course for everyone. If you are a digital nomad and have the opportunity to take a few days off, you should consider a one-week retreat. It’s perfect for recovering from the stress of everyday life. In the morning you practice yoga, in the afternoon you relax on the beach.

Surfing in Canggu

canggu,bali,nomads Canggu (Bali)

Canggu is a paradise for surfers. Batu Bolong beach is a popular hotspot. Here you can rent a board – either for a day or directly for a longer period. As a beginner, surf instructors are available to teach you the basics.

If you want to try something different, you can try kite surfing or bodyboarding.

Finding Places to live in Canggu

Apartments in Canggu


Apartments and private rooms

Canggu beach apartments

Central, quiet location with garden area.

Echo Beach Villa and Apartment

Apartments and villas with 1-3 bedrooms. Airport shuttle available.

The Apartments Canggu

Simple apartments with pool facilities.

Hostels in Canggu


Shared rooms, coliving and apartments

The Farm Hostel

Trendy hostel close to Canggu Beach and Batu Bolong Beach.

Coco and Pineapple Pants Hostel

Centrally located hostel with proximity to the beach.

Coliving in Canggu

Coliving spaces in more than 60 cities including Canggu

Outpost Canggu Coliving

Outpost is a network of coliving, coworking and social spaces for digital nomads.

Shashvata CoLiving

Relaxed ambience and only 4 km from Batu Belig Beach.

Matra Coliving & Coworking Canggu

Coliving & Coworking Space around 3 km from Echo Beach.

Hotels in Canggu

Searching for a hotel rooms in Berlin.

Best Places to Work

The Coworking Spaces in Canggu, Bali

In Canggu, it pays to use a coworking space. Most locations offer 24/7 access and are perfect for working on the go. However, you should be aware that this is also often about networking. That’s why the larger coworking spaces host events almost daily and are often crowded. Great for meeting new people but rather counterproductive if you want to concentrate on your work.

Take a look at some coworking spaces and then decide where you feel comfortable and can work in a relaxed way.

These coworking spaces are best rated:

Tropical Nomad Coworking Space

Coworking community of professionals, creatives and artists located in the heart of Canggu.

Outpost Canggu Coworking

Modern coworking space with multiple private offices.

B Work Bali

Coworking on three floors and rooftop garden.

PUCO Rooftop Coworking space & Eatery

Coworking spaces with a fantastic view over Canggu.

ZIN Cafe

Trendy beachfront café with a tranquil ambiance and rooftop and co-working space.

3 Facts you need to know about Canggu


There are almost no pedestrian walkways in Canggu. Therefore, if you are on foot, you have to walk on the street. Pay attention to the traffic here so that you are safe on the road.

Additional tip

In some restaurants and bars, a so-called “service charge” is already included. Before you give an extra tip, look at the bill first.

Best weather

In the winter months from May to October you have the best weather in Canggu. If you don’t mind rain, you will have a great time in the summer months.