Conscious Living and

healthy lifestyle as digital nomad.

Make living a healthy lifestyle a priority

Take care of yourself while exploring the world

Regularly going to the gym, eating fresh fruit and vegetables every day. In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine life without a healthy lifestyle. If you are constantly on the road, however, it can be difficult to maintain this. Especially as a digital nomad it is important to take care of your health. A constantly changing sleep rhythm and ever-changing climatic conditions are a challenge for our bodies.

Life-Work-Balance -what you can do

Travel at your own pace

Why did you become a digital nomad? Right. You wanted to work independently while also getting to know the world.

And the latter is the main reason for many to build a life as a digital nomad. There’s no point in changing locations every few days. The constant search for accommodation, transportation or coworking spaces is exhausting. Over time, it will take more energy to organize all that and thus you will lose focus on your business. How long you stay in one place is entirely up to you. Take enough time to arrive. Get to know the country and the people and how everyday life works there. This way you can relax between your trips and concentrate on your work. Successful nomads almost always stay in one place for several weeks or even months. So make sure you don’t jet off to a new place every week.

Be prepared

Being constantly on the move takes a toll on your body. So it can happen that you get sick while traveling. You can prepare yourself for this case before you leave. With a good travel insurance  you don’t have to be afraid of high costs for medical treatment.

Preparing to move

Movement keeps body and mind together. As a digital nomad, you spend a lot of time sitting down. You continuously take care of your business. In addition to an ergonomic workplace, sufficient exercise is therefore extremely important. You can find a gym in most major cities around the world. But it is always a question of time and cost if you want to visit a studio.

So try to build up a daily workout routine that you can do without going to the gym. You should plan at least 15 – 30 minutes for this. If you start your day with your fitness program, you will soon have a good routine that you can continue anywhere in the world.

3 Gym-Independent Workout Tips


Use your Body Weight

The easiest and most uncomplicated way to train while travelling. You don’t need a gym or equipment. Push-ups, burpees, squats, crunches or planks – everything is possible in the smallest of spaces to stay fit.


Small Equipment

Skipping ropes and elastic bands are perfect for home workouts and take up very little space in your suitcase.


Use Apps

There are countless apps on the market to help you with your daily workout. Here you can have training plans created or find inspiration for your workouts.

Eat healthy

The delivery service brings the pizza to your door, and you eat in front of your laptop. When you’re stressed, everything else often becomes secondary. But this can weaken your body in the long run. Make sure you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Enjoy the culinary variety when you are on the road and try to cook for yourself as often as possible. You may also make new friends locally to cook with.

In Mexico, meals are traditionally eaten with the whole family. Everyone takes time for this daily ritual. Food for the soul. In Thailand, too, great importance is attached to food culture. Here, however, people meet in restaurants because eating out is very cheap.

Stay socially in touch

It’s very easy to get caught up in the work. However, don’t forget that there is also a life beyond your job. Loneliness is a big issue among digital nomads. Actively meet other people or intentionally use a coworking space to make new contacts. If you’re single, you can also participate in dating events. Maybe you will find a like-minded partner with whom you can conquer the world in the future. Your mental health will thank you.

Maintain your mental health

Take Time Off

Nomadic life can be very stressful. Changed travel routes, poor accommodation or a lack of social contacts can affect your state of mind. The longer you travel, the more important your mental health becomes. The most important thing is a consistent sleep routine. Experts recommend sleeping at least seven hours a night and at the same time if possible. Maintain a restful environment. It can get extremely noisy in some places. This not only affects your concentration while working, but can also disrupt your rest periods. A pair of earplugs can help here.

Meditation is highly recommended. Meditation is a great thing to consciously use your downtime for your mental balance. If your travels ever take you to Thailand, for example Chiang Mai, then you should definitely treat yourself to a meditation course. In Buddhism, meditation is part of the daily routine, and nowhere else in the world can you learn the techniques better.

5 mental health Tips Abroad


Create routines

Consciously structure your daily routine – including downtime. Routine brings you stability and more free time.



Reading relaxes you and helps you switch off. Consciously choose books that have nothing to do with your work.



Meditate consciously every day for 5-10 minutes. The ritual helps you to stay in balance.


Digitally detox yourself

Consciously take time out from digital media.


Home Visits

Visit your family and friends back home regularly. This helps to avoid isolation and loneliness when traveling.