Working around the world.

Finding a place to work, wherever you are.

How to find a coworking space

As a digital nomad, you can basically work from anywhere. You only need your laptop and a fast internet connection.
Is that really enough?

3 reasons why You Should Work in a Coworking Space


Working on the go is a beautiful thing. But sometimes you need more than just a notebook and an Internet connection. And you won’t find a connection with sufficient speed everywhere in the world. Good thing there are coworking spaces in every major city now. Here you have everything you need to work without worrying about whether it fits in your suitcase. Practical, because you can work professionally and comfortably.


The work environment affects your productivity. Have you ever worked for hours in an uncomfortable chair? The sofa in the home office may sound tempting, but in the long run it tends to be counterproductive.

Coworking spaces, on the other hand, are modern workspaces that meet the latest standards. Here you will find ergonomic, bright workplaces in a quiet environment. Some coworking spaces are designed for specific professional groups. Here you can find like-minded people and exchange ideas. All of this has a significant impact on your productivity. If possible, you should therefore always prefer a coworking space to a home office.


You can meet many new people who have the same mindset as you. This results in friendships and often business relationships as well. There are coworking spaces that are designed for specific professions. Often these are creative professions. A wonderful opportunity to make new contacts in the community.

What should I look for when searching for a space to work?

However, depending on where you are located, it’s not always that easy. In some countries of the world, the internet coverage is not sufficient to make a video call without any problems. Of course, you can also work in your accommodation. But if we’re being honest, that really only works on a daily basis. Anyone who has ever worked for several hours on a hard stool or a too soft bed knows that it can quickly become uncomfortable.

The best thing to do is to find a suitable coworking space in your area. In larger cities there are often different offers and you can look for a place that best fits your needs.

The most important criteria
for finding a coworking space:​



In many coworking spaces you can simply use a free space after booking. If you always want the same workspace, you simply book a fixed space.


Opening hours

You can use most spaces during standard opening hours. Many coworking spaces are open around the clock. However, this is often associated with a monthly membership.



Find out if the space is predominantly used by coworkers from certain industries, if applicable. Depending on the industry, this could have an impact on the volume and your quality of work. On the other hand, you can also find interesting new contacts this way.



Ergonomic workstations and fast internet are the basic requirements for working anywhere. Do you need more? Integrated cafés or a common room with table football are also often standard.